Masjid in Taif


Al Modhoun Mosque

When the residents threw stones upon Prophet Muhammad, he took refuge in a garden where we have Al Modhoun Mosque today.


Bani Saad Village

Pilgrims coming for Hajj and Umrah are often seen visiting Hazrat Halima Sadia's house in Bani Saad Village, which is on the top of the list of Taif's most visited Islamic historical places.


Al-Kalada Heritage Village

A couple of kilometers south of Bani Saad, after a bend in the road, a majestic old village comes into sight; this is Al-Kalada Heritage Village.


Muawiya Dam

It is also referred to as the Saiysad Dam. It lies only 12km southeast of Taif. It was built in the Saiysad Valley in the middle of the mountains.


The grave of Abdullah bin Abbas

The grave of Abdullah bin Abbas, a paternal cousin of Prophet Muhammad, is in Taif, which should be on your list of Ziyarat places to visit in Taif.

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