Masjid in Riyadh


Jubbah Hail

Jubbah in Hail rests on a historical campers course in the Nafud Desert towards northeast Saudi Arabia. It is just one of the most giant and most critical ancient monoliths in Saudi Arabia, featuring rock inscriptions and sculptures from the Mesolithic period.


Madain Salih

Among one of the most popular locations in Saudi Arabia, the historical site of Al-Hijr (Madâin Sâlih) in Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom's first World Heritage site. At first referred to as Hegra, it is one of the most unspoiled sites of the Nabataean people south of Petra in Jordan.


Mount Uhud

Amongst the numerous preliminary battles of Islam, the Battle of Uhud carries immense relevance in the lives of Muslims. The hill worked as the combat zone for the conflict between Muslims and Arab pagans and is among the essential Islamic historic areas in Saudi Arabia.


Ushaiqer Heritage Village

Ushaiqer Heritage Town, situated amidst the Najd, an oasis-dotted region, offers a peek into the slow-paced Saudi life from the past. The location was home to Bedouins around 1,500 years ago.


Hejaz Railway Museum

The Hejaz Train Museum showcases a section of the Footrest train network that previously extended with western Saudi Arabia's Hejaz. In the Gallery, visitors can learn about the significance of railway transportation in Islam and also see residues of Al Ula Station, such as initial tracks and trains.


Murabba Palace

The Murabba Palace, called Qasr al Murabba in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a historically concrete monolith. It was the home and court of King Abdul Aziz and is amongst the top spots in Saudi Arabia. Now, the palace serves as an icon to advise about the city's remarkable history.


Ibrahim Palace

Integrated in 1555, Ibrahim Palace was ultimately expanded into a fortress and became one of the many well-known buildings in Saudi Arabia. The Quba Mosque, situated in the heart of the palace, is checked out by thousands of explorers seeking Allah's true blessings.


Masmak Fortress

The Masmak Fortress, located in the facility of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is an important historical site in Saudi Arabia and a testament to the nation's rich past. The Masmak Royal residence was created in 1865 by King Abdullah III bin Faisal al-Saud to serve as internal protection for the city throughout the al-Saud-al-Rashid feud


Jawatha Mosque

The Jawatha Mosque in Saudi Arabia's Eastern District dates from Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) time. It is one of Saudi Arabia's crucial historical, cultural, and spiritual websites. Just a few remnants of the initial erection remain in today's time, but individuals still use it for prayers.


Nasseef House

Nassef Residence is a preferred vacation destination and one of Saudi Arabia's historical sites. After King Abdul Aziz seized the city in 1925, the renovated coral reefs home in the old Al-Balad area became his royal home. Your home has ramps to enable camels to take a trip as much as the top balcony.

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