Masjid in Jeddah


The Floating Mosque

Built on stilts over the water, the Floating Mosque or the Al Rahmah mosque, Jeddah is a famous and sacred mosque that appears to be floating.With stunning architecture, it is open to pilgrims and travelers.


Khuzam Palace & Museum

An epitome of the architectural marvel, the palace holds a special place in the history of Saudi Arabia. It served as the erstwhile abode to King Abdulaziz, the first monarch of Saudi Arabia, between 1928 and 1932.


Farsi Mosque

Al-Farsi Mosque is a marvel of modern architecture situated on a small Island near Jeddah Corniche. It is designed with a pleasant blend of contemporary models and the old Islamic structural vocabularies. The mosque features architectural elements such as open vaulted domes and shaded wooden screens and is among the top aesthetic places in Jeddah.


Abdula Raouf Khalil Museum

Stretching over several buildings, this museum is located in the Al Madani, Al Andalus area. It has records from the pre-Islamic era and showcases the Islamic heritage chronologically. It has artifacts that go back more than 2,500 years. Many items make visitors aware of the people from the fishing tribes and Ottoman Turks.


Makkah Gate or Baab Makkah

Built in 1979, Makkah gate is a famous Islamic historical place in Jeddah that served as an entry to the holy city of Makkah. It welcomes pilgrims and offers an astounding view at night with a dazzling landscape furnished with gardens and trees. Samir Elbad was the architect, and Dia Aziz Dia designed the gate.


Historical Jeddah or Al Balad

Being part of old Jeddah city and the Jeddah historical district, this area boasts maze-like streets and historic laneways that speak volumes about past civilizations. Bait Al Balad and Nassif House Museum are the two places every tourist must visit to experience the history of Jeddah, its people, and Arabic calligraphy.


Tayebat City Museum

Boasting 2,500 years of heritage of fishing tribes, pilgrims, and Arabian Trade, Tayebat City Museum takes visitors back in time. Its construction belongs to Hijazi Style featuring ornate minarets and airy window screens. The premises of the building stretches to 18 wings spread over four floors.


Nassif House

Also called the Biet Nassif House Museum, it has fantastic architecture built in the late 1800 on the main street of Jeddah. Initially, it served as a place for conducting gatherings of high-class people. Today, it showcases Arabic calligraphy and artworks in its 106 rooms and is one of the most desirable aesthetic places in Jeddah.


Souq Al Alawi

Travelers often visit this old Souq to shop for antiques, spices, and handicraft items. The vintage streets here offer the best experience of old Jeddah city. It is famous for selling organic hibiscus flower tea and petals. As vehicles are not allowed in the area, tourists and locals take a stroll without worries. People also buy traditional clothes and jewelry sold only in this market..


Hassan Enany Mosque

Located near the Middle Corniche Park in Jeddah, Hassan Enany Mosque beautifully showcases the opulence of Islamic architecture. The mosque has a massive dome with a golden tiled structure and Byzantine-inspired minarets. The mosque's gates open up to a large hall decorated with calligraphy in Thuluth script and repeating arabesque.

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